Monday, May 18, 2020

KeyReel for iPhone Premium has arrived!

One year has passed since we have released a "production ready" version of KeyReel for iPhone. It has been proven to be a robust and handy password manager app which delights users with a frictionless login experience.

The time has come to separate a Premium version of KeyReel. It is available now for subscription on monthly and yearly basis. Free version is still available and it includes all standalone features, including the built-in authenticator.

Subscription version allows remote Windows and Mac clients connect to the phone. It includes all related features, like protected sites, automatic authenticator login and password clipboard sharing. We also offer an outstanding 90-day free trial of the Premium version. More details can be found on our pricing page.

The cost of the Premium version will allow us to fund new awesome features. It will also help to increase the trust of new users, as our customer feedback has clearly indicated that users trust their credentials to paid apps more than free apps.

Please join us in celebrating this fundamental milestone for KeyReel!

Truly yours,
KeyReel Team

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