Wednesday, April 29, 2020

New features in KeyReel for Android!

In the past several weeks we have added a number of new features to KeyReel Android (Beta). Here is the short summary.

Search and Icons

The most wanted feature - Search - is now available on Android! With just few taps you can filter out your accounts to ones you need right now.

We have also improved the quality of account icons by advanced site metadata parsing and considerably improved icon load speed for most common sites. 

2FA at your fingertips

Adding a second factor of authentication in addition to the password is a big improvement to your online security. With new release setting up a second factor became even easier. Just click on the account you want to add the second factor to and follow the steps similar to Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile or similar apps.

This way you can track authentication code on the same account as your password and benefit from automatic password and code auto-fill on your paired laptop/desktop.

Generation of Backup password

While KeyReel does not have a master password, strong recovery key is necessary for backups. We have switched our backup password hashing algorithm to a stronger Argon2, which allowed us to minimize the recovery key length. More about it in a separate post.

Root Protection

When phone is rooted, it allows to install apps that have nearly unlimited power of the phone. While it was necessary in the early days of Android, when there was a little amount of apps, it is not used much today. Only few enthusiasts and identity thieves have use root devices. In order to protect our user most sensitive information, we have made a decision to disable KeyReel on rooted devices.

Other changes

  • Improved auto-fill in Android apps
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity with laptops/desktops
  • Conceal passwords by default and make it configurable in the settings
  • Switched site password strength estimation algorithm to Dropbox zxcvbn library

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