Tuesday, March 3, 2020

KeyReel Beta for Android and Windows are available now!

We are excited to present two new additions to KeyReel family:

New products include core features, like clipboard sharing and integrated 2FA (similar to Google Authenticator).

Both products are available at Beta tier. What does it mean? UI is not polished and missing a number of features (like search or filtering). And likely has a couple of bugs. 

However, we have not compromised security! On opposite, our Android version is slightly more secure than iOS. One example is that passwords are doubly encrypted and are not stored in Android device memory in decrypted form longer than it is needed for login to an app or a site.

Give it a try and let us know what you like about it and how it can be improved. If you wish to contribute to KeyReel as an official beta tester of Android version, use this link. Or you can always send us feedback using our contact form.

And if you have not yet tried KeyReel before and love your Apple products, try it now!

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