Monday, November 19, 2018

RoboForm vs Keeper vs KeyReel

Before we invented KeyReel, we certainly used our share of password apps, but couldn’t find the right combination of features, security, and ease of use. So what does KeyReel offer users that differentiate it from RoboForm and Keeper?


RoboForm is a cloud-based form filler and password manager that supports multiple platforms and browsers. Users can save passwords, financial and other personal data to automatically fill forms online.

Due to its cloud server, RoboForm can sync data across devices. It also provides offline access to data, and its desktop version offers a local storage option. Users can share files or folders securely and log into local desktop applications automatically, too.

Why Isn’t It Enough?

RoboForm is simple and easy to use, without an overload of features, and some useful extras, too. However, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to avoid storing passwords on the cloud. Cloud storage can be secure but has inherent vulnerabilities because it is accessed via a network connection. But we still wanted to be able to log in as conveniently as cloud-based password apps allow.

Users tend to think of the ability to sync between devices as a convenience, but it can actually be a weakness. The more devices you have on one account, the less control you have over the data on all those devices. Think about changing the data on a phone and having it sync to a desktop and laptop, not realizing the laptop has been compromised--and now all your latest passwords are available to a hacker.

Overall, although Roboform is convenient for password auto-fill, it’s mainly a form-filler designed to save time, not a password manager designed to make logins transparent and secure.


Keeper supports multiple platforms and browsers. Its cloud-based vault allows for many convenient features such as the ability to sync between devices and instant autofill. Besides that, users can save several types of files other than login data, send and receive files or message each other securely.

Users can log in using biometric verification (fingerprint) and dual-factor authentication to a smartwatch or other device.

As for localization, Keeper is integrated with hardware-based security devices like Yubikey. It also has several servers located in North America and Europe, so users can limit use and access to their accounts within the geographical area of a particular server.

Why Isn’t It Enough?

We appreciated the extra security measures that Keeper offers, but many of them stem from the vulnerabilities of the cloud. Large cloud servers are the targets of choice for hackers, who stand to gain information from millions of users. If there were a way to enjoy convenient features like these locally, we’d take it!


When we decided to solve the problems we noted in password managers like these, we knew the solution was likely simple. We wanted an experience that would provide the local security of a hardware-based security device--without having to locate it and plug it in every time we needed to browse the web. We also knew that the security of any login experience needed to be smooth in order to be worth using.

We discussed the concept of “keyless auto entry,” and kept it within sight as we tried several methods of transferring information securely to the web without using a network. Bluetooth was the best option because it could be securely linked to another intelligent device: the smartphone, which could act as the encrypted password vault, second-device authentication factor, and secure link to the computer. No need to pay $50 for Yubikey, and it works in an instant so that the login is barely registered before it’s completed.

Today, KeyReel isn’t only for storing, auto-filling, and generating strong passwords. It can also store notes in any set of credentials, and securely copy and paste passwords from your iPhone’s password vault into your application. It also offers two-factor authentication you can verify with a PIN or TouchID. But that’s just the beginning.

KeyReel is coming to Android soon and will continue its development into the ultimate login assistant for users everywhere who love the web but hate the hassle of logging in. Going premium soon, but for now, it’s still free! Try it! If you have a password manager and you’re curious, you can import your password data to your KeyReel account automatically.

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