Friday, May 18, 2018

Why do I have to have separate passwords for each site?

In 2014, hackers stole nude photos from the private iCloud account of actress Jennifer Lawrence, posting them on the web for the world to see. In fact, over a hundred celebrities over the past six years have been the victims of cyber attacks, their reputations damaged by the leak of private and sensitive details and their financial data compromised. All too often, hackers gain access to celebrity accounts because the victims used the same password on multiple websites. And celebrities aren't the only targets of hackers. A study commissioned by the U.K.'s Office of Communications (Ofcom) found that 55% of online users employ the same password for all websites. The repeated use of the same password for every website a user visits leads to security vulnerabilities and makes the task of the hacker too easy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Why Most People Don’t Use Password Managers… And How We’re Changing Their Minds

The Best Password Manager for MacWhy do we continue to reuse passwords, use short, easy-to-guess combinations, and save them on our desktops rather than use password managers? The answer lies in the nature of passwords themselves.

While they’re a necessary measure we take keep valuable information safe online, passwords also act as “speed bumps” disrupting the flow of the online experience. And the fact is, many of us would rather compromise on security than convenience...

Monday, December 11, 2017

Beta testing of KeyReel, the best password manager for Mac

Hi, Everybody!
We have started a fortnight beta-testing of our awesome very personal password manager for Mac on Beta Family with 5$ reward. If you want to join the testing let us know on 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hello, World!

KeyReel - the Best Free Password Manager for Mac
We are happy to see you on our blog about KeyReel, we believe, the best cloud-free password manager for Mac users!

For more than two years our small team of professionals has been working hard to bring to you our vision for the future of Internet security where there is no password hell, hacked clouds, and wasting time on entering long master passwords over and over again. We have always desired this for us, our families, and we are happy to share with all of you!

KeyReel is still a young startup, but it is an ambitious and perspective one. From now on it goes to the outside world, and we are sure that it will win your heart and make your life easier and your online life - more secure!

Remember - you deserve only best! So, give KeyReel a try and share your thoughts. Also, join our growing and loving KeyReel family! We will be extremely happy to see you with us!

Stay tuned and let's do this world better together!

The KeyReel Team.